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70's Throwback Week: Hand Painted Dye Shirts

Written by stephania
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Happy Monday! This week we thought we would take on a challenge and make it 70's Throwback Week.  For the next five days we will be sharing ideas on how to incorporate 70's colors, patterns, crafts and recipes into your home.  Today is a take on tie-dye t-shirts.  I have a slight obsession with stripes and became hooked on the idea of painting stripes with fabric dye.  I'm constantly torn between the more eclectic patterns and clean simple stripes, and I figured what better way to marry the two than to have a hand-painted stripe?! 

Last week our new intern, Megan, and I took out our paint brushes and made these two hand-dyed shirts.  I suggest practicing on an old tank top like we did to experiment with different paintbrushes and hues together.  We picked up the shirts from Target and used Jaquard's Dye-Na-Flow fabric dyes, but you can use any kind of fabric dye that doesn't need to soak for too long.  




Hand-Dyed Striped Shirtspainted_striped_shirtsIMG_6694

by Stephania Stanley

What you need:

  • white cotton shirt
  • fabric dye
  • paper grocery bag or cardboard
  • paintbrushes
  • paper plates or cups for dye
  • practice material (optional)

What you do:

Prepare dye according to instructions on package.  We used Jaquard's Dye-Na-Flow which comes premixed and ready to go.  Cut paper bag down so that it fits inside your shirt (this will prevent the dye from bleeding through to the back of your shirt).  Dip your brush into the dye and paint away.  If you're painting a more nautical inspired pattern, feel free to use a ruler and fabric pencil to measure the distance between each stripe.  We chose to go for a more hand-painted look so we free-handed our designs.  The dye doesn't spread easily, so for bigger stripes use a nice thick brush to really work it out.  If you want the stripe to fade out (like dip-dye) use less and less dye as you get closer to the end of the stripe.  Allow paint to dry and fix the dye according to instructions on the package.  

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