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Cheese Class 101

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I have finally checked off another one of my New Year's goals: take a class. Last weekend I took a fantastic cheese class with my dear friends, Shoko and Davey.  We smelled, tasted, and drank our way through a Sunday afternoon at Murray's Cheese Shop in the West Village. 


We sampled eight different kinds of cheeses...



1. Up in Smoke 

2. Harbison 

3. Quadrello

4. Amanteigado Grande 

5. Vendeen Bichonne

6. L'Etivaz

7. Bleu Du Bocage





And you see that glass of wine in the back? Well that is what they call a magic glass of wine.  It is refilled every single time you finish a glass! As you can imagine, we had a All of cheeses were absolutely scrumptious, but my favorites were the Quadrello and the Bleu Du Bocage.  

the Quadrello...


A few fun facts about Quadrello:

  • made from pasteurized buffalo milk
  • it's a lovely mild stinky cheese
  • from Lombardia, Italy

They served this guy with this zesty Grapefruit & Smoked Salt Marmalade and it was an impeccable match! 

the Bleu Du Bocage...


A few fun facts about the Bleu Du Bocage:

  • it's a stinky, stinky blue with hints of sage
  • it's a pasteurized goat cheese
  • from Pays de la Loire, France

They served this one with a sesame caramel and let me just tell you that it was most definitely as good as it sounds! 

The next time you're hosting an event, I highly recommend all of these! If you want just a few that make a great combo of the soft, more mild cheese with a stinky, harder cheese I would personally go for the very creamy Harbison and the Quadrello.  

Serve the cheese with jam, honey, walnuts, apple slices, and a fresh baguette!  

Check out all of the different cheese classes at Murray's here or even just stop by and pick up a few to try on your own!

Have any favorite cheese we should know about? Tell us about them! 



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