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Thursday, 01 March 2012 23:06

Give Me More...Bracelets

Written by megan kramer
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Give Me More... Bracelets

by Megan Kramer

This season you are likely to hear the latest trend before you see it.  The sound of bangles clinking together is music to my ears.  The must have accessory of the season in stacking bracelets!  With this new rage, more really is more.  It’s just so fun because you can’t really go wrong.  You can mix and match colors, materials… anything goes!  The only problem, a wristful of arm candy can get expensive.  So, in true Thursday style, we are going to show you how to DIY these bracelets.  Then, I love to match the ones that I made with a few gold bangles that I already have.  These bracelets are so fun and easy to make, your arm will be filled before you know it!  So go ahead, load up your wrist and enjoy that sweet sound as your bangles let you know that you are in on the latest trend!

What you need:stacking_bracelets

  • Leather lace (a long strip of leather)
  • Thin black stretch cord
  • Faux diamond chain
  • Embroidery thread
  • Beads/Embellishments
  • Beading needle
  • Thicker colored elastic cord
  • Clear nail polish

What you do:

For bracelet #1, use the leather lace.  Make a loop at one end and wrap your thin black elastic  cord around the loop many times to hold the loop in place-don’t cut the end.  This will be part of numbered_stacking_braceletsthe clasp.  Next lay your faux diamond chain flat on the leather.  Wrap your elastic cord around both the leather and the chain couple of times.  Wrap another couple of times around the next space between the diamonds.  Continue until you reach your desired length.  Cut the chain and wrap the elastic cord around the leather several times so that it matches the other end.  Tie both the elastic and the leather into a double knot.

For bracelet # 2, take your embroidery thread and fold it in half.  Measure a little longer than half of your wrist (allow for space to knot the ends).  Cut six pieces to this length.  Pull 3 of them through your beading needle, then pull them trough your bead or embellishment.  Tie the ends into a slip knot.  Now pull the remaining 3 through the other side of the bead, still using your beading needle.  Put a bead on the end and tie a knot.

For Bracelet #3, string your beads on the thin black stretch cord.  Tie a small knot on each side of the beads.   Measure your wrist, then cut the elastic and tie it in a double knot.

For  bracelet #4, use the thick colored elastic cord.  Measure enough cord so that you can double it and it fits your wrist.  Pull it through one opening of the embellishment, then the other.  Tie ends in a knot.

**Dab a dot of clear nail polish on the ends of your bracelets to secure them.



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