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Sunday, 19 February 2012 19:26

Bustin' Out of Those Winter Blues

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Happy President's Day! Today we are kicking off our Bustin' Out of Those Winter Blues week.  Over the next five days we will be bringing you anything and everything a Thursdays girl needs to get out of any cold weather, pale skin, why didn't I choose Cali over NY after school cold-weather-funk.  

Today we have Lauren here to share her ideas on how to get started.




How To With Blue

by Lauren Lowman


Many of us think of winter as a time to hibernate and are saddened by the loss of what I call seasonal freedom.  I say fight the blues with blue this year.  I found a few of my favorite blue plants and flowers that lifted my spirits toward the hopes of Spring.  Blue can represent many things.  What are your favorite blue things?  Try incorporating them into the space around you to add a bit of color and refresh your “winterfied” surroundings.  I have listed below a few floral arrangements and plants that really help to lift my spirits when I am feeling low.



Combination of white roses, blue hydrangea, blue iris, white snapdragons, and a bit of wax flower.



These mixtures of blues remind us that there is no need to have sadness associated with blue!  For all of you panicking that you don’t want just blue around, calm down, you can add something like this beautiful Stargazer lily into the mix, and it brightens it up even more.  If this doesn’t get you in the mood for spring’s arrival, I don’t know what will.





If you aren’t into arranging your own flowers, you can always opt for the plant route.  It will last a bit longer and still give you a great effect of that soothing blue tone this season.



Botanical Garden Featuring Blue African Violet




Another Variety of A Blue African Violet


These violet plants are fairly inexpensive and are a great way to blend the color blue into your space.  These are nice because you can root the leaves in water. You can create new plants for other areas in the house or give as gifts to friends!  They need very little care and produce gorgeous blossoms.


For those of you that like a more simplistic look, I recommend going with a few single stems of blue hydrangea.  I have shown a simple look below using a blue vase as the blue symbol.  It’s time to celebrate having the blues!



White Calla Lilies in a Blue Vase





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