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Thursday, 16 February 2012 10:26

Glue Gun Mafia: Spreading the Valentine's Day Love

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Our last Glue Gun Mafia: Louisville get-together was all about Valentine's Day love. I personally really enjoy Valentine's Day, but I don't get all hung up on the coupling off aspect of it. I just think it's a great day to tell the ones near and dear to you that you love them, and every year I love crafting up cards for an ever-growing list of people. So, we were making 'tines for all of our favorite people! We had so much fun cutting, gluing, sewing, and assembling some of the coolest Valentine's I've ever seen. There were three tables loaded with crafting supplies-- a dream for any crafty lady-- and, as always, the creativity of our mafioso's was impressive.  Here are some photos from the night (yes, we even let a boy in. Ok, so he's my co-teacher...). Check out the fun! 

We hope that you're having an excellent Valentine's week! Spread the love. 



vintes3                      vtines_5

vtines1                    vtines4

vtines6                    vtines8   


vtines12 vtines13

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