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Friday Feature: Erin Woody of Salvaged Grace

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Happy Monday everyone! We'll be taking the rest of the week off here at Thursdays, but we thought that we should leave you with a Q&A with the lovely Erin Woody of Salvaged Grace.  

Miss Erin Woody


Erin is one crafty lady and has quite the talent for reporposing items.  She shares all of her ideas as well as a fantastic collection of projects by other talented crafters on her blog Salvaged Grace.  We discovered Erin's darling blog not too long ago and knew that we just had to share it with all of you! 

Happy holidays! 



1. Tell us a little about Salvaged Grace.. How did you get started?

I started Salvaged Grace in December 2009 because I wanted to create a space online that discussed repurposing and using vintage and antiques in home design from a more sentimental point of view. I see salvaging, repurposing, vintage and antique as an opportunity to be connected with the past. My own home is filled  with furniture and home decor that tell the story of my life - whether its something passed down in my family, or a piece I found on the street and made new again. So I wanted to apply that idea online.

2. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Putting together my family's Snow Village was one of my favorite holiday traditions and is a wonderful memory. It used to be my job to decide where to put the houses and shops, build the Main Street, position the train station and then place all the little people into their respective scenarios. We made subtle changes from year to year but it was always an entirely new story. I felt like a movie director setting the scene. I've included a picture of my mom's Snow Village from a few years ago. It still feels a bit magical to me. Though I don't get to put it together anymore, I always pause to admire it and wonder what that year's intent was behind the design of the village and its little imaginary inhabitants.


3. We love how creative you arein repurposing materials to create something new! Do you have a recentfavorite project or material that you use? 

Lately I've been working on projects for my September 2012 wedding. I wanted to create a special and personal way to ask my girlfriends to be in my wedding. The project isn't finished yet, so I don't want to spoil the surprise for my wedding party to be but I'll tell you that the idea involves cereal boxes. As far as favorite materials go... I have more than one repurposed window in my apartment (one is now a chalkboard and the other is currently a frame that going to become a mirror) so perhaps old windows are my kryptonite!


4. It looks like you've been busy creating some fantastic holiday home decor! Do you integrate it all into your own home? If so, how?

The holiday decor I've been featuring on Salvaged Grace the last few weeks are roundups of holiday themed repurposing projects: wreathschristmas treessnowmen and gift wrap. But these were not all projects I did myself - there just aren't enough hours in the day!

This year we kept it pretty simple. Just a Christmas tree filled with the ornaments I've been collecting all my life. I do especially love the ornaments I made a few years ago from old pieces of jewelry.


5. How would you decorate for a unique winter's girls night in?


I'm all about sitting in front of the fireplace this time of year -  so my dream decorating scenario would be an Ode to the Fireplace, with a rustic cabin feel. I'd start by dumping every blanket in my apartment onto the floor around the coffee table, creating a layered, comfy spot to gather. Vintage plaid blankets would be especially welcome. I'd find some old sweaters to make into pillows. There's a place in Brooklyn that sells doors and windows super cheap (Eddie's in Clinton Hill) so I'd look for an old fireplace mantle there. I'd lean the mantle against a wall

with vintage lanterns underneath. The room would be entirely lit by candlelight. I'd go to Build it Green NY to look for repurposed wood to create a few, large scale frames which would resemble cabin walls. (I wouldn't take more than a couple of frames to fill my wall and totally add to the mood.) Inside the frames, Christmas lights would look like stars outside the window. Stacks of old books would add levels and layers to the table, because reading a book by firelight is a key part of winter coziness.Perhaps a few scattered antlers and accents of gold and orange. I'd have wood logs cut, sanded and stained to make small plates or serving platters. Fleet Foxes on the stereo, board games at the ready. Bring it on Winter

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