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DIY Holiday Gift: A Cozy Blanket

Written by Stephania
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We are big on homemade gifts around here.  Starting the day after Thanksgiving, our houses begin to look like mini Santa's workshops with baskets full of completed projects, works in progress, and crafting materials on every surface.  One of my most favorite gifts that I have ever made for someone was a crochet blanket for Colleen.  Even with it's imperfections (I'm terrible at keeping track of each row) she used it for years and it now rests in her guest room in her new house.  So when Michelle said that she had a fantastic knitting pattern for the blanket that she made for her son, Charlie, I was thrilled! This blanket is so soft and if you increase the size a bit it would make a gorgeous throw for someone (or for yourself!).  When I went over to Michelle's to photograph Charlie, he seemed to to love it too.


Happy cooking & crafting! 



I got this pattern years ago from a store in NYC called Gotta Knit. I had taken some knitting classes there and when I was ready to try knitting a blanket, this pattern was perfect to learn on because it's really simple. An easy garter stitch with a yarnover. As my knitting became more advanced over the years, I still went back to this pattern, adding various striping patterns to make it a little more interesting. I also played around with the size, since I've found that car seat sized blankets are very useful. I've knit a blanket (or three) for almost every one of my friends, so when I found out I was pregnant I knew my little one would be getting one as well. I've been in love with Frog Tree's yarn since I discovered it at my favorite knitting shop, Downtown Yarns, and the meriboo skeins are perfect for baby blankets. Made of merino wool and bamboo fiber, the yarn is super soft and machine washable—everything a baby blanket should be!


 Garter Stitch Diagonal BlanketCharlie_Hat_IMG_6574
by Michelle Hainer

What you need: 

  • Six skeins of Frog Tree Meriboo MW, 50 g, 105 yds, or another DK weight yarn (To make Charlie's blanket, pictured below, I used Hunter as the main color, and light purple, spring green and grey for the stripes. If you choose to stripe, use 5 skeins of the main color and 1 skein of each contrasting color.)
  • Size 8 32" circular needles (You aren't knitting in the round, but using a circular needle will make it easier to keep all of the stitches on the needle.)

What to do:

Cast on 3 stitches.


K into the front and back of the first st, k1, k into front and back of last st


K into the front and back of the first st, k3, k into front and back of last st


*K3, yarnover, k to end.

Rep from * until there are 165 stitches on the needle. Then decrease as follows:

*K2, k2tog, yarnover, k2tog, k to end.

Rep from * until 7 sts remain


K2tog, k3, k2tog


K2tog, k1, k2tog


Bind off.

To make Charlie's stripes, I knit with the hunter yarn until there were 19 stitches on the needle, then I switched to light purple and knit six rows, then knit 12 rows with spring green, and six rows with grey before switching back to hunter until there were 165 stitches on the needle. I continued with  hunter for the decreases until there were 43 stitches left on the needle. I then switched to grey for six rows, spring green for 12 rows, light purple for six rows and finished up with hunter once again. 
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