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Friday Feature: We Heart Lauren Naimola of Dear Golden Vintage

Written by Stephania
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As the darling 3 1/2 year old, Miss Calla Blue, announced to me yesterday, "Thanksgiving is only one week away!," I realized that it is time for a little holiday wardrobe shopping! And who better to turn to than Lauren Naimola of Dear Golden Vintage.

Photo: Dear Golden

Lauren opened this darling online vintage shop in 2008 and we are so glad that she did! Starting at the age of 15, Lauren fell in love with vintage and began collecting.  Carefully hand picking pieces from the 1920s through the 1980s, Lauren curates a gorgeous collection that is oh-so-perfectly feminine, sophisticated, and fun.  Lauren also runs a blog, keeping her shoppers and readers updated on her recent finds and additions to the shop! 


As soon as we stumbled upon her site, we knew that we just had to share Dear Golden with you! 


1. Tell us a little bit about Dear Golden. How did you get started?


I have been collecting vintage since I was 15. I have been buying up estates throughout my adult life and basically just giving my friends whatever I could not or would not wear. Then, the inevitable, I started my shop in 2008. Before the very week I started my shop I never even considered selling vintage, I must have just been content collecting it. It was my husband’s idea for me to sell it and I am glad I ran with his suggestion!

2. We love, love, love what you pull for the shop! Where do you get your inspiration?

Though I often long to live in the past I actually feel quite lucky to be living now because there is so much history to be culled whereas inspiration is concerned. It's almost impossible not to watch a period film and not be inspired by the clothing, or read a novel for that matter - it's all about a mood.

3. It must get pretty tempting sometimes to be around all of those beautiful pieces.  How do you decide what goes into your shop and what goes in your closet?

It certainly does and I often feel that I keep too much. Oftentimes I keep something and wear it once, after I wear it I feel much better about letting it go. Sometimes just the perfect fit of a dress can make me want to keep it, even it's not my thing!


4. What are your top three tips on how to shop vintage?

Know your measurements and know what styles of dress (or other garments) look best on you, know how to care for vintage fabrics and also, try things out that you normally might not. Vintage garments don't always have the "hanger appeal" that modern garments have, to really see the magic of a vintage dress you need to put your body in it!


5. Running such a successful business must keep you quite busy! How do you stay in touch with your friends? Do you have any traditions to help keep in touch?

Once again, though I pine for the days of the past, I have the internet to thank for keeping me in touch with people. I also like to get all my girlfriends together once a month, adding new girls in all the time - it's a lot easier to hang out with everyone at once as opposed to trying to fit everyone in individually. :)


*All photos from Dear Golden

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