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A Whimsical Birthday Party for Little Carolina

Written by Stephania
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Friday is here and we are busy, busy over here at Thursdays.  I am wrapping things up and will be hopping on a plane to Indiana for some time with my family and friends.  I am especially excited for my little trip down to Louisville where I'll be having my Thursday Night Dinner with Colleen, Emily, and Kate! 

Before I take off, I am so please to share today's blog from the the lovely Sara Lowman.  Our friend, Raquel, recently held her daughter's 1st birthday celebration! Raquel's tastes are absolutely flawless.  After this make sure to check out Raquel's baby shower, DIY wedding ideas, and her daughter's nursery. I promise that you'll go throughout the rest of your day feeling inspired to throw a little gathering of your own!

Thanks Sara! Oh! And happy belated birthday Miss Carolina!




My friend Raquel is one of those people who always gets it right. From her clothes to her house to her little Italian Greyhound, she’s devastatingly flawless. So it was no surprise when she whipped together the perfect outdoor birthday party for her adorable one year old daughter, Carolina. And while it may seem impossible to pull off stylish events as effortlessly as people like Raquel, you can’t blame a girl for trying.

1. Get Personal

Start with the invitation. Everything from the text to the shape of the paper says that this event will be a playful party with vintage charm. Custom invitations don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Sites like have many talented and affordable artists who can personalize everything from invitations to water bottles. Raquel used Etsy’s Loralee Lewis for her personal touches, integrating the style of the invitation into the party decor.





                                                                                                                                                                   I wasn't kidding about the water bottles...











2. Decorate!

A little bit of paper can go a long way. From paper flag banners (made by Raquel herself with some fabric shears and colorful string) to paper accordion lanterns, these whimsical touches add color and drama to the space.



















3. Remember Who Your Guests Are...

While an outdoor deck can be a great place for adults, it might spell splinters for little ones learning to walk. Raquel covered the floor with soft blankets encouraging adults to kick off their shoes and toddlers to wobble fearlessly.


4. EAt

Finger foods are great for kids and adults, and they don’t take hours to prepare.  Raquel made it easy for guests to grab a snack by setting up a beautiful buffet table.


5. Drink

We already covered the personalized water bottles which made for stylish hydration, but this party also made sure the adults had a drink of choice in hand.  A cocktail or two made the party festive for all parents and guests.


6. Be Merry

Fun is contagious, and it’s one thing (amongst many—obviously) that Raquel is good at.  All her planning and preparation allowed her to sit back and enjoy her daughter’s first birthday. No one wants a host who’s frazzled trying to entertain.  Relax and enjoy the fruits of your efforts. With any luck, you’ll not only plan a party, you’ll also make a memory.


~ Sara

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