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Bringing on the Fall

Written by stephania
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Phew! Fall seems to be officially here!  As I sit here bundled in my comfy sweater and jeans, I can't help but daydream about all of the major changes my favorite season will be bringing this year.  With a new home and new goals and responsibilities it seems only fitting that I went from my striped sundress to my staple cashmere sweater in only one day.  I have a new backyard to help design and enough DIY projects to keep me busy until the holidays.  Before the first frost hits, there is still much to do to prepare for all of our fall backyard entertaining.  With my tin can herb plants sprouting away, I have decided that one of my first tasks is to add to my garden.  

In honor of this goal (and to avoid a total panic about my serious lack of a green thumb), I have reread Kristen's blog for beginner gardeners.   


After choosing a few plants to start my gardening adventures, I will be taking on a few DIY projects to help spruce up the backyard for all of our backyard entertaining.  Not surprisingly, there are loads of pretty amazing projects out there from all of our fellow bloggers.  

Here are just a few that I'm considering...

Backyard Scrabble Board

My sisters and I LOVE Scrabble.  We play Words with Friends all of the time, but this DIY project would seriously entertain us for hours! 

hoto: Re-nest


Without actual backyard lighting, I am going to need to get a bit creative with tea lights and candles.  How cute is the candlelit gate?! 

Photo: Coco & Kelley

Creating the Perfect Ambiance

I love the outdoor rug used here to add a certain warmth and to really fine tune the space.  

Photo: More Design Please

Happy cooking & crafting! 


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