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Taking a Staycation with Sara Lowman

Written by Stephania
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Happy Friday everyone! Today we are finishing off our first week of Vacation Week with a staycation idea from the lovely Sara Lowman.  Taking advantage of those summer Fridays and long holiday weekends are a great time to tackle those larger house projects that you've been itching to do for months. I'll be taking notes from this one as a I plan my new home office! 

Have a great weekend!



by Sara Lowman

When my boyfriend and I took the big plunge to live together in a studio apartment, his work area left a little to be desired (especially room for me). The first break I had, I decided to stay home to organize the chaos that I now call home.

Before                                                                                               After

1. Get Out Your Paintbrush

Nothing freshens up a room as easily as a can of paint.  I painted the walls Pratt and Lambert Wyndham in Eggshell Finish and the trim Pratt and Lambert Ancestral in Semi-gloss. The color differentiation helps emphasize the architectural elements of the room.

2. Stacking Saves Space

Invest in shelves for your books and other items. Remember that the eye is pleased with groupings of three. This is a great rule for your collectibles when styling shelves.

3. His Can Meet Hers

The angular lines of the shelves and books are balanced with soft round vases. His guitars are stacked vertically like the shelves, balancing some of the more feminine items that are displayed.

4. Pay Attention to Scale

I switched the desk and desk chair for smaller, less cumbersome options. This helped the room feel larger.

5. Be Creative with Your Storage Solutions

I used a small vase to hold my colored pencils.  Small boxes and canisters with lids help stow away little things like paper-clips, rubber bands and other small items that can look like clutter when left out.

6. Try to Enjoy the Process

Projects like these are works in progress. Divide the room into small areas and define your goals.

Finally, congratulate yourself. That project that’s been nagging you from the bottom of your to-do list is done! You have no traffic to fight and no bags to unpack. Sit back and enjoy your work. You may not be falling asleep to the roar of the ocean, but you’ve made yourself a tiny oasis called home.

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