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Designing the Perfect Nursery with Sara Lowman

Written by Stephania
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Well after a very productive weekend we are very excited to have a few updates on our site! A big warm thank you goes out to our web designer,Tassos, who totally kicked butt in making these updates possible! Feel free to poke around the site to find new photos and content in our recipes and crafts section.  Make sure to check out our blog page to the right.  We have a brand new contributor's section that highlights our four amazing guest bloggers.  We've also made it easier for you to search our blogs with our handy category list located down and to the right. 

Today we are kicking off Baby Week! After the exciting announcements that not one, but two of our guest blogger are expecting, we decided that a baby themed week was most definitely in order.  This week we will be bringing you baby shower ideas, cute birthday cards and birth announcements, best ways to set up your nursery, and the best books you can buy for your little tyke.  Today's blog comes from our fabulous guest blogger, Miss Sara Lowman.  Sara is an incredibly talented interior designer and today she is sharing her ideas on how to design the most perfect nursery.   

Happy cooking and crafting! 



 Planning a Nursery
by Sara Lowman

What girl hasn’t dreamed about designing a nursery? You find some plush toys, a beautiful crib and voila! How hard can it be? Well, after designing several nurseries I’ve come to realize that there are many challenges beyond deciding to paint the room pink or blue, so here are some things to remember when you start to plan your nursery.

1.  As with all rooms, lighting is key. If you have an overhead light fixture, play it up.  As you can see in this nursery, my friend Raquel used a chandelier that would delight both her and her baby. Invest in dimmer switches as they will help create a soothing environment.



I’m a huge believer in multiple light sources, so don’t limit yourself to one. If you have the luxury of space for a glider or rocking chair, place a floor lamp nearby. Adding lamps to bedside tables or on top of a dresser will add another layer of light to soften the atmosphere of the room.

2.  Window treatments are a MUST. No matter how much you love your view, you will hate it when it’s naptime and that bright sun coming through your window keeps your baby awake. I recommend Roman Shades or simple Rod and Ring curtains.  Each can be made with a black-out lining that helps to completely darken the room.  If you are attached to the idea of having something pretty and sheer, use a shade underneath to have the best of both worlds.

3.  Storage, storage and more storage. Those little bundles of joy come with a lot of STUFF, so you’re going to need creative storage solutions. Some shelving units allow for baskets to fit inside cubbies, helping to disguise items you don’t want displayed. I loved these industrial wire storage bins that helped show off baby Carolina’s beautiful toys. Trunks or toy chests work wonders as well.


4.  If space is a concern, opt for furniture with multiple functions. Dressers can be found with changing tables incorporated into the top.  In this nursery, the daybed has three drawers that make up its base for additional storage.

5.  Don’t be afraid of color and pattern. A nursery is your opportunity to have fun.  In this nursery, beautiful wallpaper covers one wall of the bedroom.


Some people are afraid of hanging artwork or a mirror above a crib, as the glass could be dangerous for a toddler.  Wallpaper helps to break up the wall and create visual interest while keeping your little one safe from harm.

6.  Rugs help make the room feel finished as well as providing a soft landing pad for a toddler learning to walk. You can opt for wall to wall carpet or an area rug.  When measuring for an area rug, I like to allow six inches to one foot of floor space between the rug and the wall.


7.  Incorporate a mirror into the design. Not only do babies love to look at themselves, mirrors can also help you check to see when they’re sleeping in your arms. When installing a mirror, make sure they are hung securely to the wall and strategically placed out of your toddler’s way.


8.  Design with love. Although the responsibilities are endless with a newborn, designing a nursery can be one of the more fun tasks to tackle. Take pleasure in the process—The more fun you have creating the space, the more fun your little one will have growing up in it.



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