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Simplifying Your Summer Dinner Parties

Written by Stephania
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Colleen and I are often asked how we manage to host dinners with our friends week after week.  The truth is that we love our Thursday night tradition and have learned the very important lesson that hosting doesn't equal stress.  Cooking with our friends is our time to catch up about the week's events.  We vent and laugh, cry, and seek advice from each other as we mince garlic and sip on our wine.  I remember one Thursday in particular when I had just an awful day and when I showed up to the house, Caitlin had a glass of wine waiting for me and a big hug.  After hosting Thursdays for eight years now we have picked up some great little tricks to keep things low-maintenance and have grown to be the best of friends.  Today we’re going to share two easy tips that are perfect for your summer gatherings.




Scrumptious Cheese and Baguettes 

Whenever we host larger gatherings, we always to make sure to put out a cutting board out full of our favorite cheeses and a fresh baguette.  We love experimenting with different cheeses and finding new ones to serve to our friends.  I was recently introduced to smoked mozzarella and holy cow was it good! 


Bucket of Beer

Rather than using a big plastic cooler, use old tins or buckets and place a few on each table.  I reused this one from our modern Easter tips and it looked so cute on our little tables in the backyard! 




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