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Garden Party Week: A Beginner's Guide to Gardening

Written by Stephania
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Today we are very excited to present a guest blog from one of our original Thursday girls, Miss Kristen Becher.  Kristen lived right next door to me in Collins (the hippy, arty dorm) at Indiana University.  Of all the girls in Thursdays (original and new) Kristen is by far the most free spirited of us all.  Every time I see her, it feels like I took a deep breath of fresh air.  She always has a new and fresh perspective on life's challenges that has continued to impress and inspire me year after year.  She is a massage therapist, an esoteric healer, and spends a great deal of her time outdoors.  I knew that she would be the perfect person to come to for little gardening lesson. 




A Beginner's Guide to GardeningPicture_2
by Kristen Becher 

First, Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.
Just do it and learn from what works and what doesn’t!
Get good rich organic soil.
If your plants are in containers outside be sure to water daily. The heat dries them out quickly!
Most vegetable plants and herbs like full sun such as tomatoes, peppers, herbs etc.
If you have trouble with bugs research “companion planting”. Example: tomatoes grow well with basil to keep the hornworm away! Tomato and basil taste great together too!
Spending time in the garden provides a space of serenity and grounding. It is a place to explore the artist within you and create, with nature, a beautiful and hopefully edible environment.
You can taste the difference in your food preparations when you use a fresh tomato, peppers, lettuce, or fresh herbs from your garden. The food you harvest fresh from your garden is still vibrating with life therefore providing you with that much more direct energy from the sun!
The plants nurture you just as much as they need your nurturing to grow. Gardening is a way to reconnect with the earth and to be with the simplicity of growing food, herbs, and flowers. Building a relationship with the plant world is a way to connect with your self in a deeper way. Gardening will develop a relationship with your intrinsic connection with nature.
So, create more green and more color in your life and plant things! 
Try out your green thumb and just do it!
Seeds will germinate. Your plants will grow!
Enjoy your gardening journey and let it be an enjoyable and creative part of your life~~~

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