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May Brings DIY Kitchen Projects from Sara Lowman

Written by Stephania
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May is finally here! How fabulous is this warm weather? I always find that I have more energy and inspiration when the days grow longer and the warm sunshine hits my face.  I'm going to need this new found energy because it is going to be one busy month.  From the Kentucky Derby (whoop! whoop!) to my step-sister's wedding (yay!) at the end of the May, I will be on the go nonstop!  I'm mostly just excited because all of these special occasions this month mean new crafts and a very valid (in my humble opinion) excuse to buy cute new summer dresses.  I've been perusing Daily Candy's Swirl everyday, just waiting for the perfect summer dress to appear.  But now its time to get down to business...

In celebration of spring, we are thrilled to introduce to you our new guest blogger!

Meet Miss Sara Lowman.


Sara is a very talented interior designer and quite the crafty lady.  Stay tuned for a feature on her designs next month! In the meantime, Sara will be bringing us loads of fabulous DIY projects and crafts to help update and personalize your home and to make it feel a bit more like you.  


- stephania 


Spring is here and love is in the air.  Finally, you’ve met a great guy—things are moving along nicely, and you decide to take the big plunge to move in together.  If your guy is anything like mine, you may need something more than just your average spring cleaning.

When I moved in to my boyfriend’s apartment, I was convinced that some good old fashioned scrubbing could whip the place into shape in no time.  Unfortunately, after scrubbing…and scrubbing, I realized that some things were just too far gone, and I had to pull out the heavy artillery—aka a can of paint.

One of the main culprits making his apartment look dingy and dated was his kitchen cabinetry.


We didn’t have a budget to buy new cabinetry, but I knew that if we could find new cabinet knobs and the right paint, these cabinets could look as good as new.

Step 1.

Remove the cabinet doors from the hinges, so you can apply an even coat of paint to the doors.  Remove the cabinet knobs/pulls as well.

Step 2.

Select your new knobs or pulls, so you know whether or not you need to fill the old holes.  In my case, I had to use epoxy to fill the holes since the cabinets were metal.  For wood cabinets, you can just use wood filler.

Step 3.

Lightly sand the cabinets/doors so the primer will stick.

Step 4.

Apply a coat of primer.  I used ZINSSER's primer because it is high quality and sticks to most surfaces.  Be sure to look at the recommended drying time before moving on to your next coat of paint

Step 5.

Select your paint color and finish.  I used Pratt and Lambert’s Designer White—It’s a cooler white with a very clean look.  Be sure to specify the finish.  When working with kitchens and bathrooms it’s best to use a semi-gloss on trim and cabinetry since it allows for easy cleaning.  Stick to satin or eggshell for the walls.

Step 6.

Install your new cabinet knobs.  Anthropologie has a great selection of whimsical knobs.  For something more traditional, try Restoration Hardware or your local home goods store.


Step 7.

Breathe a sigh of relief.  For under $200 you’ve given your kitchen a makeover, and you may like living with him after all.

- Sara

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