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Easter Craft Traditions...The Organic Way

Written by Stephania
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When I was little, I loved Easter because it meant that my sisters and I would all get matching dresses (oh, yes) and we would get to fun crafts like dying Easter eggs.  My absolute favorite person to do such crafts with was our babysitter, Betsy.  She started babysitting us when she was just 14 and I was 6, Hill was 4, and Mer was still in the womb.  We would always get so excited for Betsy to babysit because that meant an evening full of crafting, French braids, creek stomping, and dancing.  Bets was hands down the best babysitter anyone could ever ask for, so it is no surprise that she grew up and became one of the best mothers I know.  This darling girl below is Betsy's daughter, Miss Abigail (also Ryder’s girlfriend, but shhh I didn’t tell you that!).  I knew that Bets would have a great Easter craft and tradition to share, so I’m pleased to pass it along to you all.





My mom has Tea Time at her house every Saturday at 3:00. My aunts go, my cousin and her 2 boys (who are now 15 and 10 and still tolerate going because there are always good desserts), and Abs and I now go. There's always food--sweets and savories. Oh. And tea!

Around this time of the year, we do this egg dying craft. Instead of steeping one cup of our preferred kind of tea for each of us, she makes a whole pot of each of the following: Red Zinger will dye eggs lavendar, Green tea and Chamomile—will make them yellow, and your garden variety of Black tea (Lipton's, Earl Gray, Constant Comment) are great for different shades of brown.

Since the kids don't like the tea, Abby uses juice.  You can use pomegranate juice for pink and red (depends on how long you soak it) and Purple Grape juice for blue.

If you want a shiny appearance you can rub a tiny bit of cooking oil onto the eggs once they are dry. They will stay slightly oily.

 Dyed Easter Eggs (The Organic Way)
by Betsy Childers


Tea Dyed Eggs: 

Add 6 tea bags to roughly 4 cups of boiled water and allow to steep. Add a splash (1/4 tsp) of vinegar. (can't remember why, but I know it helps the color seep into the eggs better.) I use glass mixing bowls, a large glass Ball jar (like the canning kind) any large glass container/bowl will work. Lower egg into water for several minutes until desired color is reached. Set aside to dry by putting them back in the egg carton. (Get the paper/cardboard cartons & cut the lid off for the perfect drying rack.)

Juice Dyed Eggs:

Just use the juice straight. Bring the same amt of liquid to a boil on the stovetop or microwave, add the splash of vinegar and use the same process as the tea-stained eggs.

Speckled Dyed Eggs: 

Use one bottle of brown craft paint and a toothbrush. Dip brush into paint and lightly splatter and dab around the egg to achieve a random, lightly dotted pattern. Allow to dry. (Just don't oil these eggs)

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