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Dessert Week: Shoko's Grilled Pineapple Sundaes

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Dessert Week has finally arrived at Thursdays! We are very excited for this week's lineup of blogs from grilled pineapple to chocolate peanut butter cup cake. Our sweet themed week is in honor and celebration of all of the Thursdays girls' birthdays in March (including mine on Thursday!).

Today we are bringing you a posting from our favorite foodie Miss Shoko Wanger. From her personal style to the kitchen, Shoko has the amazing ability to take something so simple and change it just so to make it innovative and inspiring.  Her dessert this week falls nothing short of perfection.  Be sure to also check Shoko out in the latest edition of Rue Magazine!

Happy cooking & crafting!



Sometimes the best desserts are the simplest – no long recipes, gourmet ingredients, or candy thermometers required. This is a very quick, easy, and (potentially) healthy dessert that is also, I think, quite summer-appropriate. (Hey, it’s now officially spring, which means summer’s just around the corner!) All you need to do is take some fresh pineapple, throw it on the grill, and plop it in a bowl alongside a nice scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt. A drizzle of melted chocolate, a sprig of mint – voila!

Other tasty topping ideas: granola, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips. A scoop of chocolate ice cream with the vanilla might be amazing, too. I’ve also heard of using marinades on the pineapple before grilling, but I find that the fruit is generally sweet enough as is. Experiment, and see what you prefer!

If you don’t have a barbeque, a stove-top grill works just fine. Your standard frying pan would be okay, too – you’d just miss those lovely grill marks.

- Shoko

 Grilled Pineapple Sundaes pineapple_sundaes

by shoko wanger 

What you need: 

(Measurements depend on how many people you’re serving – you’ll probably want at least one pineapple spear per person. The medium-sized pineapple I used yielded sixteen spears.)

  • One medium pineapple, cut into spears
  • Vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt
  • Dark chocolate, melted
  • Fresh mint (optional)

What to do:

Grill pineapple spears over high heat on both sides, until color has darkened and grill marks appear.

Slice into pieces and place on top of ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Top with a drizzle of melted chocolate and a mint sprig.



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