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Wine Cork Trivet

Written by megan kramer
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Wine Cork Trivet


 By Megan Kramer

I'm sure that plenty of you ladies, like me, love a glass of wine after a long day.  Turns out those glasses add up, and we have a lot of corks!  I always throw them in a bowl that sits on our wine shelf.  When the bowl starts to overflow, it's time for a project.  This weekend it was that time again, and I ran into a cute tutorial on Apartment Therapy.  They made theirs into coasters, but I decided to make mine into a trivet-which is good because I recently realized that until now, I only owned one trivet.  So I used up my corks and can now serve 2 hot dishes at once without the aid of a dish towel; win win!

What you need:             cork trivet

  • wine corks(I used 37)
  • ribbon
  • glue gun

What you do:

You can cut the corks to whatever size you like.  I left mine full size.  If you are going to cut them, you can use a mini hacksaw or even a knife(be careful).  You can sand them a little if you need to.  Then start gluing.  I started with the center cork and then glued around it, and then did 2 more rows around.  Once that part is all set, glue a ribbon around it.  Now that your done, go get a glass of wine and start replenishing those corks for the next project!



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