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TND: The Perfect Iced Coffee

Written by stephania
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It is finally feeling like spring around here and it seems like overnight you can spot bright yellows, pinks, and reds all over the city. We've all taken out our peep toe wedges and have even been able to wear dresses without's just lovely.  I'm already starting to crave BBQ (specifically BBQ ribs with mac 'n cheese) and this week I've developed a strong craving for iced coffee. I hate the thought of buying coffee each and every day, but have tried and failed miserably to make a really good iced coffee over the years. It's either not cold enough, too weak, or far too sweet, so I decided to do a little research to find out the best way to make it at home and just as good as my favorite spots in Brooklyn.
I found that there are two ways to approach iced coffee: hot drip and cold drip. The cold drip is less acidic and slightly sweeter and then the hot drip is a stronger cup of joe. Being that Ophelia keeps me on my toes every waking minute, I went with the latter and found the perfect balance of cold, strong cup of coffee.  I like my coffee on the stronger side, but feel free to add milk and sugar to taste. 


The Perfect Iced Coffee
by Stephania Stanley

iced coffee IMG 8349

What you need: 

  • coffee ice cubes (make a fresh cup of coffee the night before and use it to make coffee ice cubes throughout the week)
  • 8 tbsp coffee
  • 6 cups water
  • milk and sugar to taste

What to do:

I used a french press to make my coffee, but a drip coffee machine will work just fine. Make your coffee with the extra scoops with your chosen hot drip method. Once the coffee has brewed, fill your heat safe coffee glass (or cup) half way with ice and pour the brewed coffee. Give it a couple of stirs and enjoy! 


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