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TND: Spring Fever Crafting

Written by colleen
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I hate sounding like a spoiled brat, but ever since I've gotten back from our girlfriends vacation that we took to Miami a couple of weeks ago, I've been struggling to get back into the swing of things (the weather has finally started to warm up, so that's helping). But I so miss lying on the beach, hanging out with my girlfriends all day, and having no schedule for an entire week. Since I've been feeling a little blue about being back to reality, what a nice treat to come home today to a card from Emily and a few snapshots from our mimi-vacay.
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I found these adorable Bauble necklaces on A Beautiful Mess, and I've been having so much fun making them. They make great spring accessories, and I'm going to give some to some girls for little spring gifts. We made them at our Glue Gun Mafia class last night, and the ladies loved it! I encourage to make some of your own. I've also been making them into bracelets.

Bauble Necklace and Bracelet

photo from a beautiful mess


bauble necklace


photo by colleen

bracelet sm

What you need: 

  • craft paint
  • wood beads (in whatever size you choose)
  • gloss (triple thick or gloss spray)
  • paintbrushes
  • leather cord or ribbon

What to do:

Choose the beads you want to use and a color scheme. To paint and gloss mine, I cut off the bottom of a Q-tip and placed the bead on the cotton end of the Q-tip and then painted the beads. I then stuck the Q-tips into a scrap piece of styrofoam to let the beads dry. Paint beads with a second coat of paint. When the beads are dry, spray or paint with gloss to make the beads shiny. When the gloss is dry, string beads on leather cord or ribbon and you're ready to wear!


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