Spacecraft Monthly Workshops

Fabric_Garden_Markers_FINALThursdays and Spacecraft have teamed up to bring you afternoons filled with crafting, snacks, mimosas, and a little girl-time. Each month brings a new seasonal or participant-requested project and theme for the workshop.

The Thursdays – Spacecraft workshops are held once a month on Sunday afternoons at Spacecraft in Williamsburg at 355 Bedford Ave (between South 4th and 5th Streets). While munching on sweet and savory snacks (made by Stephania herself!), Stephania and Cristina walk you step-by-step through the afternoon's craft(s) so that even the less-crafty ones in the group feel a little bit more like Martha Stewart by the end of the workshop. Crafts vary in medium and in type from home décor to personal accessory and to larger DIY projects. Check out the calendar below for details about this month's workshop!

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