Jana Bonderman

Jana Bonderman

Jana grew up in Southern California and graduated from UCLA with a Major in Communications and Minor in Business.  She took these skills to DC, NYC and back to LA, where she worked as an advertising executive for large corporations and ad agencies.  While she loved her work and had a passion for the psychology and creativity involved in the ad industry, she decided to take a break from the rigors of the corporate world to de-stress and become a yoga instructor.  Jana co-founded Yoga Night (http://yoganight.wordpress.com) and occasionally still acts as a marketing consultant for friends and referred clients.  She also plays lead guitar for The Monthlies, a local indie rock band.  Jana loves cooking, crafting, planning events, searching out eco-friendly alternatives and gardening.  She is expecting her first child in August, 2011 and plans to stay fun, interesting and continue to rock while tackling new mamahood.

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