Twig Coaster

What you need:twig_coaster-2332

  • About fourteen 3 1/2- 4" long straight twigs of similar width per coaster (cut with scissors or pruning shears)
  • Waxed twine or dental floss

What to do:

Collect twigs and trim to 3 1/2-4" long. I laid mine out in the shape of a coaster first to make sure that they laid next to each other well-- that there were no gaps in between twigs and that they would create a smooth surface.  When ready to tie, cut a piece of twine or floss more than twice the length of the coaster (about 1 ft). Fold the twine or floss in half so that the ends touch each other. Grab the twine opposite of the loose ends, and place the loop around the first twig about 1" in. Tie two knots and repeat with the next twig. Tie last twig off about 4 times and cut excess twine. When you have tied on the desired amount of twigs, repeat on other side. (Left coaster is finished, right coaster is in progress). 





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