Caitlin’s Graceful Gold Earrings

What you need:colleen

  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Pair of ear hooks
  • 8” gold chain
  • 8” light gold wire
  • 4 medium weight 2”gold headpins
  • 2 large labradorite gemstone beads
  • 4 small freshwater pearls
  • 4 square sodalite gemstone beads
  • Wire cutter

What to do:

Create earrings starting from bottom of earring to the top. First, string a pearl and a labradorite gemstone onto a head pin. About 2 mm from the top of the gemstone bend the headpin at a 90º angle with a pair of flat nose pliers. Using round nose pliers, grip the horizontal part of the headpin at the 90º angle and wrap the wire around the nose of the pliers, creating a round link. Bend the loop upward slightly so the loop is upright. Take ½” of chain and hook it onto the loop that you’ve made. With flat nose pliers, grip the loop. Wrap the end of the headpin around itself three times. Clip off excess headpin using wire cutter.

String a sodalite gem stone onto 4”of gold wire. Make a loop with the wire just as you did with the headpin. Thread the ½” of chain with the beads attached to the loop. Finish the loop by wrapping the end of the wire around itself three times. Make another loop on the other side of the sodalite bead.

Next, take 1 ¼” of chain and one 2” headpin. String one sodalite gemstone and a pearl onto 2” headpin and make another loop.  String the 1 ¼” chain onto the new loop and wrap the wire three times around itself to secure the loop. Slightly open the link at the bottom of the ear hook and string on the two beaded chains. Close loop and you have an earring! Repeat for second earring.

Caitlin and I met at JFK airport, while both running late for our flight to Italy for our summer abroad.  We instantly bonded and became close friends during endless art history field trips throughout Tuscany.  Over the years, Caitlin never ceases to impress me with her multiple talents and endearing quirks that keep Colleen and me laughing on a daily basis.  Making jewelry is one of her profound strengths, and I was completely blown away with this pair of earrings she made for my birthday a few years ago.  They remain one of my favorite pieces and cheer me up every time I put them on.  -Stephania

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