Cute ‘n Cuddly Voodoo Dolls

What you need:post-breakup-CRAFT-600

  • Small fabric scraps for stuffing
  • Larger fabric scraps for the outside of the doll
  • Fine steel wool, a walnut-sized clump
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Marking utensil
  • Yarn, buttons, scrap fabric etc to decorate
  • Pattern
Note: These dolls actually turn out really cute, so they’re a fun take on a traditional creepy voodoo doll (and functional—we all need an extra pin cushion!). We promise these silly little dolls will cheer up even your most broken hearted friend.

What to do:

First cut out the body of the doll by cutting out two identical pieces of fabric, one for the front and one for the back. Either use the suggested pattern or have a gingerbread cookie man in mind when you draw out the pattern. Match the two pieces, one on top of each other, with the good sides facing each other.  Sew along the border of the doll, about a ¼” in from the edge, and leaving a 1½” gap along the outside of one leg for stuffing.  Clip out little notches in the fabric along the curves of the head, arms and legs to prevent bunching. Turn the sewn pieces inside out, so the hems are inside and the good fabric is on the outside.

Use a pencil or crochet hook to work any stuck limbs through.  Next, stuff the head tightly with steel wool, which will serve as the pin cushion. Stuff the arms and legs with the scrap fabric and finish by stuffing the torso. Sew up the 1 1/2“cut on the leg with big stitches—it’s a voodoo doll, so it certainly doesn’t have to be perfect. Use thread, buttons, scraps of fabric to decorate your doll. I like to give them little black hearts and two different shaped button eyes.

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